Minimum Listings and Bundling of Accounts

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for a great start to the 2018 year. We have seen continual growth over the last few months for the Swpad platform and have seen that the introduction of the iOS and Android Apps have increased user ship and the speed of conversations which has greatly increased the effectiveness of the platform.

And as we grow it is important that we continually adapt and maintain the quality of the platforms users, but also of its listings. With this is mind, today we are announcing some changes to the listing requirements of the Swapd platform.

What is changing??

Today we are making some changes to the rules for minimum listings and for bundling of accounts. In the future as we role out more functions, it is our intention to create a full “Sellers Guide” for user to know both the rules, but also best practice of the platform. These changes will immediately effect all future listings on the Swapd platform.

Minimum Listings

Some time ago we instituted a rule that no account under 20000 user was allowed to be advertised for sale unless the account was Verified with a blue tick. Some users have since started to pair up these accounts. From now on the rule will be enforced holistically. The only exceptions with will be outlined below in the bundling announcement. Any advertisement with accounts under 20000 users will be removed by admin staff without notice.

Bundling of Accounts.

From now on users will be required to list each account separately. Each sales listing will be a stand alone advert for a single account with only one exception. That exception is for accounts that carry a cross platform branding congruency.

For example - a user may have a Facebook page, Twitter Account, Instagram all carrying the same branding and similar names (we know sometimes brands have to utilize slightly different handles across platforms) they all work in conjunction together and are suitable to be advertised as a bundle.

This is also a situation where the 20000 minimum may not apply. Again for example we know often users have large FB pages, while also holding a small twitter handle of the same branding that isn’t really active. However for the purchaser that handle is still valuable to the over all brand and would be more than appropriate to be advertised together.

Any listings that are bundling accounts that are on the same platform, across niches or not congruently connect by a brand, with be removed by admin staff without notice.

Thanks everyone, look forward to working with you all into the 2018 year and we have some more exciting features in development as we speak.

Admin Team


Cool changes, thank you. One question: How will you know if, lets say, a website, a facebook page and a facebook group are bundled if there is only one URL field to place a URL and we aren’t supposed to share the URLs publicly? Will it be based on the user saying “its bundled” or will it be based on you checking the conversations between buyer and seller to see if the properties are connected…i am asking more out of interest how sellers should act when they make bundled offers.

Yeah good question.

Best practice would be to make the original listing for the largest account and then make mention that the other branded accounts list in the listing description.

Then these extra urls and can be supplied as buyers and sellers talk and swap information like normal.

Same could be done with the heading.

For example something like

“125k soccer Facebook page, with branded twitter and Instagram” would be fine, using the FB as the supplied URL for the advert.

That would show users that it also comes with brand congruency.


Sounds good. Thank you for the explanation.

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Are the rules still that YouTube accounts have to be 10k or higher subs to be sold on here or is it now 20k+?

Hrmmm That’s a really good question, 10k on YouTube can be a little more valuable. So truthfully probably a bit more of a case by case basis. I’ve seen YouTube with 10k followings that are earning 500usd per month from compilation videos, so those accounts are well worth buying and selling. That’s the only platform that there is an argument for flexibility