Monetised NFT/Crypto account (Blue Tick)

Amount of followers: 26.9k
Country of followers (majority): worldwide
Topic/Niche: NFTs Crypto
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): organic

Description: Monetised crypto Twitter account that has been fully approved and received the first payout.

The account also has a blue tick that you DONT have to pay a monthly subscription for. You will keep the blue tick without paying a monthly fee.

All that is required is you simply change your stripe account so you can receive the payouts.

Account would be good for multiple niches and the account has always been a crypto/NFT account from day one.

Getting a account like this is extremely rare


Please PM the Price and handle. Thanks

Pm le the handle please

PM Price don’t really care for username :pray:


[quote=“justaname, post:7, topic:1222964, full:true”]
Please PM the Price and handle. Thanks
[/quote]Please PM the Price and handle. Thanks

Please pm me for handle

pm handle please

what the username

pm handle and price, interested in crypto accounts

Whats the handle and price?

I am interested what is the price?