Monetized Cash Cow YouTube Channel

Amount of subscribers: 1,856
Country of subscribers (majority): Int
Topic/Niche: Massage
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): organic

Monetized faceless cash cow channel that has great potential, videos currently cost $5 for a 8 to 10 minute video, will cost even less if you buy multiple videos in bulk. I will give you the contact of the provider and the method to find new video providers. I bought this channel on swapd but currently i am investing all my time and money on a different project and so will like to let this channel go to a serious buyer.

Videos are currently getting less views only because i am reuploading old content, once you start uploading new content and videos will again start getting thousands of views.

Here’s some stats, feel free to dm me or reply to this topic and i will send you the link. Thank you.

Interested, send me the link

send me the link please?

Done, please check.

Link please