More improvements coming soon! (Mainly to our checkout system)


We are currently developing a few improvements that should help speed things up during checkout:

  1. Creating a checkout profile, this will prevent the need for multiple verifications/payment details.
  2. Eliminate checking the ticket via an email link. Soon, sessions from our forum and tickets will be joined.
  3. Notifications on new ticket reply. (next to your icon)
  4. Ticket history/payment management for each user.

We hope to have these changes done by the end of next week! Thank you everyone for bearing with us through this BETA release! In this short time we have learned a lot, and we already made significant improvements to speed things up.
Our main goal is also to increase ticket response times to just minutes. Once our staff is trained and ready things will improve tenfold.

Thank you for your continued patience.


It will be great to add more payment forms like payoneer.It has lowers fees compared to paypal.


Generally, we want the fees as low as possible. And normally, bank wires are the cheapest. Payoneer isn’t out of the question though. Since payment terms will vary from transaction to transaction we will never be able to have a specific set of merchants. To minimize risk, the high-end sales will require a wire, for lower end transactions, we can do PayPal or Skrill (for now).


I’d love to see a bitcoin payment option as well. Fees are almost nothing on the processing end and alot of people are currently working with the currency. Other then that, I think you have most necessary features covered :smiley:


We can do bitcoin, no problem.