Much needed updates are coming this week!

We’re about two months late with our promised updates, sorry! The cause of this delay was a switch of developers who handle our code. The new team had to get acquainted with our customizations, hence the delays. By the end of this week, we should be ready to upgrade our core to 2.8. The mobile apps are a few weeks away! Meanwhile, enjoy these two small navigation buttons that we’ve enabled today:

They show open auctions and premium/spotlight/featured listings, for quick and easy access.


Add the Fee Calculator also from Mobile version :pray: :pray: with iPhone, i can’t - Need to do through safari with a desktop view :eye: :eye:

The fee calculator is added to the mobile menu (click the cart).


lol thanks! didn’t noticed yet

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Thanks for letting us know. I was also using Chrome desktop version for it!

You guys don’t click the checkout cart button or what!?!?


No. :joy: We never do it!

We only click on notifications.



Add that we can see when someone see our messages and add follow button where we follow and turn notification on from seller to see his newest post first one.

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Thanks, Boss. i was using Portrait Orientation Lock:off, Haha

Not sure what you’re asking.

Opening atachments from app messes evrrything up

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Don’t open attachments, then. Problem solved.

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When someone seen your message, to show that he viewed it.
Like on messagener and others apps.

And to follow ouur favorite seller, to we get notification when he posts

This is possible, and we may consider it.

When someone seen your message, to show that he viewed it.

Maybe, IDK. I find that feature annoying.


I think both of these option will help users.

Yair, will love this feature…

No, fix this or I quit

Drinking? Smoking?