My Facebook page has been stolen

Can anybody help me please. My 80k page has been stolen. I bought the page from SWAPD 4 months back. Everything was great for 1-2 months. I then went on to the page as normal to try and post something and it was then i realised I was not admin on the page anymore neither was my partner. I’ve contented Facebook explaining my situation and they are no help. Can anyone help me.

Can you give us the ticket number?

[Ticket# 2483545]

Can you fix this ?

Check this link : Facebook if u are real owner then that link can help . see if page is showing or not , open this link in account u was admin.

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Thank you. It seems the seller of that fanpage is trusted SWAPD member so I very much doubt so he had anything to do with it. However, we will reopen the ticket and investigate. For now, I am closing this. Let’s move this convo to the ticket.