Need help with an Instagram Issue and FB Page issue please

Hey guys :slight_smile:

Need your help on 2 things please…

I’ve got an Instagram account that has over 200K and it grows everyday between 1.5k - 3k followers and great interaction.

I suddenly as I was using the app got a pop up from Instagram about a certin post that was posted on June 1 and that it was removed due to community standards there was no button to appeal the removal of the post or anything all i had was an X at the top of the screen then the next day got the same pop up again with the same post that its been removed and no button as well to appeal.

Checked my email to see if I got an email from them regarding that post nothing no emails at all and suddenly it like someone pulled the plug on my account getting about 10 followers a day and interaction and reach has been totally cut down.

As well I usually boost the account sometimes with the ads but didn’t run ads for a couple of month so I thought to run ads last night to get followers and interactions going and as well I know they care more when you spend money.
I wanted to know does anyone have an appeal form link that I could use ?

Second thing I need help with.

Got a post taken down on my Facebook Page as well if I go to my page quality under Violations it shows the same post 2 times but without an option to appeal it says “Content removed for violating our Community Standards.” this post is different to the instagram post.
I wanted to know does anyone have an appeal form link that I could use ?

I would like to add that both posts on facebook and instagram follow the community standards and are 100% my own work and are not copied from anywhere.

Thank you for your help…

Community strikes are legit mostly.

Once I appealed and appeal was successful of Instagram. But that post was not restored, but just got notification it got successful and post is restored.

Unfortunately for Instagram you don’t have a tab to check strikes, ur lucky if uve got any mail. But 90% mail won’t be popping up.

You just need to be lucky enough to see notifications or in activity section and appeal it. And u can see whether appeal is successful only in activity bar.

If the account is pretty active the activity bar fills in seconds and yeah, you miss it.

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Once the community strike in up. The account will be banned from suggestions thus you will be not gaining daily followers.

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How long does this last for on Instagram till things are restored to normal?

3 months on an avg

But sometimes it will be back in a month :slight_smile:


Had a quick question for you what do you recommend is the best fix for organic reach on fb page btw ? Any advice