NEED: Meta Verified for IG Brand, brand logo & name

For our brand page on IG, I’m looking for Meta Verified.

Let me know if you can do this :pray:

EDIT: Without having to give access

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No one can do without access


i can do , and no one can do without access


I may be able to help !


I’m here , champ :muscle:

Access needed ?

No access needed , if we use our alternative method :ok_hand::+1: . Lmk on it champ

Can you respond brother so we can proceed ?

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I can provide you guidance/method on how to verify without access. PM me

Bump, I’m still searching for someone to do this without access

Still haven’t found anyone? If you do find someone, lmk.

It’s crazy how many people on here claim to provide this service, but yet there are so many people, myself included who are looking for someone that can actually provide the service they claim.

@Pandu may be able to help

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Thanks for mention friend @varvani001

Yes I can also help you send your case again bump