New Athlete Instagram & Facebook Verification Service! *Cheap*

Hi there! I’m offering a new Instagram & Facebook verification service on SWAPD for athletes! (Division 1 & Professional) This is a submission only. Don’t send any paid PR/blacklisted PR as this is wasting my time. STONG CASES ONLY! :white_check_mark:


  1. Send us a private message with all your links to press, handles, Wikipedia & anything relevant. (Wikipedia helps A LOT)

  2. We will check eligibility.

  3. If you’re eligible, we will submit through a strong media portal.

Verification for Instagram & Facebook

Instagram - $3500 Plus SWAPD Fees.
Facebook - $2300 Plus SWAPD Fees.

We have verified multiple accounts outside of SWAPD already.

Post here or send us a PM for more questions! :grin:

If you aren’t verified you will receive a FULL refund!

Photo ID is required.

What is the turnaround time to get verified ?

Usually within a few hours after submission.

Sended u a dm

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Bump! Mainly taking athletes

Bump! If you’re an athlete looking to get verified hit me up :sunglasses:

Bump! First ticket opened yesterday :facepunch:

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Bump! Taking requests

Looking to get my first ticket at a discounted rate! :fire:

Bump! Another athlete verified off site, send me a PM

What’s the discount price ?

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3250 + SWAPD fees

First ticket only!

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