New changes to SWAPD auctions!

Starting today, new auctions will have a time-extending (requested by our users) feature implemented. Tired of losing auctions because you didn’t click on time before the timer ran out? Made a horrible last-minute mistake and you’ve bidded more than you intended to? Are your nerves too weak for last-second battles? Worry no more! This new feature will add an extra 120 seconds to the clock after each bid, thus giving everyone time to assess, adjust, or eventually delete their bids. The time addition feature will only kick in when there are five minutes left on the auction timer. After that, each bid will add two minutes to the clock. The time will continue to be added until every active bidder finally settles and quits posting additional offers.\

We’re also dropping the fees by 1%

We’re dropping auction fees across the board, by 1%. To see the new fee chart, please visit:

Auctions started prior to this upgrade will still run on old rules, this change only applies to auctions started today. That is all, thank you for reading.


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Great addition

Just updated the OP. We’re also dropping the fees by 1%.


I won 3 auctions And in the end there was not a single deal. So what’s the point of an auction? Price starts at $ 200 I offered $ 1100 Time ran out and there was no deal Because the seller said it was a low price. So maybe from the beginning you will write down the price of the seller and then the sale will start

Then you didn’t meet the reserve price. A reserve price has to be met in order to win the auction. If you hit the reserve price set by the seller, a ticket will auto-start after the auction.


Please make the auction lengths less, no one got time to wait a week for an auction to end

You can decide the length of your own auctions :slight_smile:

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Also, I think as per buyer’s prospective, you can simply PM the seller and ask the BIN or just use the max bid feature.