Fee Chart


Important! This chart fee is related to SWAPD fees only. Sellers are also responsible for all money transfer fees, as outlined in our SWAPD Fees Explained page.

Social Media Properties

We charge 10% on all transfers of social media properties and services, with a 20 USD transaction minimum. This includes a full audit and chargeback protection.

VIP Members have a progressive fee structure:

  • Transactions up to 10K - 9%
  • Transactions 10-20K - 8%
  • Transactions 20-30K - 7%
  • Transactions 30-50K - 6%
  • Transactions 50K and up - 5%


  • Domain transfer fees are set at 1% or 25 USD minimum. This fee applies to all members.


  • Website transfer fees with full audit are set at 5% or 50 USD minimum.
  • Website transfer fees without an audit are set at 3% or 50 USD minimum.

Shoutout/Influence deals

  • Influence deals are set at 10% or 40 USD minimum.

Odd transfers (special requests)

  • General middleman (escrow) services for things not listed on this chart fee are 5% or 35 USD minimum.

Combining properties/bundles

  • If (for example) you are selling a Fanpage bundled with a website, the higher commission applies to the entire bundle. This fee structure applies to all bundles.


  • Swapping properties, no matter which platform they’re on, carries a fee of 35 USD.

Auction fees (coming soon)

Auction fees are waived if your property successfully sells by reaching the reserve price. Unsold items will be charged as follows:

  • 20 USD for regular members
  • 15 USD for premium members
  • 10 USD for VIP Members

VAT (Tax) Information (for non-EU members)

Our website is registered under our main company name, SKYNETINC. We’re a European based company located in Poland. We are subject to European tax laws, and our current tax set up requires us to collect VAT on behalf of our tax revenue service. VAT (Value Added Tax) is simply a tax on goods/services. This tax only applies if you’re selling your property on behalf of a company registered within the European Union. The current VAT rate is set at 23%. If you reside anywhere else, or you don’t represent a company, this tax doesn’t apply to you.

Since this VAT is a burden, we recommend that you do not sell your property under your company name. Simply by selling it privately (first/last name), you avoid this tax altogether.

For more information on VAT, please click here.

SWAPD only offers middleman (escrow) services in intangible (virtual) items. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Service.

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