New: Earn money with branded content

Brand Collabs Manager makes it easy for creators and public figures to get discovered for paid partnerships and unlock the earning potential of your Facebook presence. Connect with advertisers looking to promote their products and services through the relationship you have with your followers, then collaborate on campaigns that can increase your engagement.


basic minimum qualifications? too sad all my pages are not eligible

Works with ig too? I saw theres branded content option on ig but ivd no idea if this is the same thing.

How it’s works?
I already applied for couple of page but no updates till now

i am in. but nothing new so far. companies must reach you and propose a deal to share their brand. since it is new i don’t think the companies know about it

It’s not new, it’s been there for over a year
Also it’s kind of useless as there are no offers available ever.


I just got an eligibility offer on one of my pages the other day and setup the profile. I wonder if any offers will come in. DO you have experience with it @RandyMarsh ?

what is the requirement to meet? all my pages not eligible.