New Minimum Listings Guidlines


Hello Everyone,

As we continue to grow and implement more systems on the site, we are also working thru our Terms and Services and Guidelines for how Swapd works from here and into the future to ensure users can get the most value from the platform.

With this in mind, we work very hard to montior the quality of listings offered on the site and as such have decided to implement a minimum listing standard for all properties listed on the platform for sale.

We have updated our Terms and Services to reflect these minimums.

As of today, we will only allow the listing of accounts with over 20000 followers. We will however, be making allowances on a case by case basis for verified accounts which may hold more value to a wider range of buyers. While for YouTube Accounts the minimum will be a 10,000 subscriber base for any account listing.

Please let any of the admins know if you have any questions and thank you for your continued support.

Jason, Dave and Shaun

Selling Instagram page with 2888 followers

I hope the sellers of smaller properties won’t take offense, it’s just that small social properties are bountiful and relatively easy to build. Little effort is required (and budget) to build one, so we just don’t see any value in them. We believe 20K is a fair number that should keep all sides happy, so if your social property is under our minimum we please ask you to work a little harder and bring the numbers up! It will only mean a bigger payday for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jason and thank you to all our members.