News/Media Website for Sale

Google News Approved Website (NOT NEWS TAB)

Ranks your article in the first 10 minutes!

DA: 53
PA: 35
BackLinks: 360

You can charge bucks for posting over it, and make a good income around entrepreneurs and businesses. I can post more interesting stories around it to make it more clickable and worthwhile.

It depends on you how you use it as a source of monetization. You can also sell contributor accounts, on monthly and yearly plans.

You can also apply for ADSENSE. It will be approved in 2 weeks.

For any query, please DM (negotiable)

great deal for now. I will help you for the first month with understanding and learning.

You can compare it with its (.com) version, as They charge 250$ per post and doesn’t even look good, or not even google news tab stuff. Meanwhile this have a sleek design and even ranks well on search engine.

Includes Claimed brands username.

You can pitch anyone! $$-$$$ Easily :slightly_smiling_face:

So why didnt you apply to google adsense?

Because I already have one AdSense on my address, and can’t create a replicate again! If you’re interested in purchasing I will surely help you make one AdSense at your email!

I have many sites running with my AdSense, which aren’t for sale.

Let me know if you’re interested, send your offer in DM.


Bump :hatched_chick::relaxed:

PUMP :saluting_face:

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