NFT Billboards infront SPACEX and Times Square!

ervice type: Times Square Billboard Ad Space
Price: $1200/day or $7500/week

Minimum buy: 1 day (you pay swapd fees)

Description: Get your AD seen in Times Square of NYC on a billboard! I have a direct connection to a billboard in Times Square and can do the best day/week rates in the market! Legal Contracts are available and mandatory for billboard ads. COMES WITH VIDEO PROOF!!! Also have Spacex Billboard placement!

Ask me about NFT/Crpyto PR! Absolutely best rates. I have over 6 years in PR and ALOT of experience in NFT/Crypto space and am an avid speaker/contributor on many Twitter spaces

  • Each display is 3-5 seconds in rotation with other ads
  • The ad will be displayed 15 times daily
  • I have a direct connect in NYC. This is not another reseller of a reseller on a forum.
  • 828 x 1260 are the dimensions for your AD
  • Static ads only. No videos for this type of deal.
  • PM me for billboard location

Hello there interested send me all the billboards you have and the prices


Same dimensions and still image seems like same billboard I have in time square for 900.

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