[No Prepayment] Twitter Gold Verification Badge | Username Only | No Press Needed!

Service type: Twitter Gold Verification Badge
Price: $7,000 + Swapd fees - USDT prefer TRC-20
TAT :1-10 working days on maximum side (Usually a few hours)


I can help your Twitter accounts get a Gold Badge
for Crypto/NFT related ( $7,500 + Swapd fees - USDT prefer TRC-20 )

No press needed, Only username!

No pre-payment for Diamond Club / Millionaire Club
VIP members also can be if have good history review.


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Nobody doing this for 3k?

looking for the same

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@jakeshaw I don’t know if other seller offer this.

@superplug Hope later I can offer.

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It will be removed on 1st?

for now not yet, but don;t know in future you know Elon :rofl:

Elon is crazy and he already said legally verified badge will start paying too. So i am sure he will say the same for gold badge too.

Elon musk made a lot of people jobless and killed the twitter verification business for a lot of people here

Yes, but when Elon not as CEO it will be more opportunities come.

and for the legacy I see some account that use blue the information on badge not as subscribe to twitter blue. but still “This is a legacy verified account.” like on Elon account too.

but still waiting a correct information about this.

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Have you completed any ticket on site. On Gold badge ?

No yet for on-site :pray:

If need a access Media Studio can see here (2 ticket done on-site) :