Official suggestion box!


It’s safe to say that for a new forum there are plenty of listings, but we have noticed a drop in actual properties being sold. I know part of it is high prices and undesirable properties, but this is something we have no control over. Part of the reason SWAPD was opened is to give users the freedom to set their own terms/prices, unlike ViralAccounts where admins keep tabs on reserve prices and quality.

To improve our service we would like to hear from our members, so now is your chance to shine. We’re willing to hear you out and hopefully implement ideas that would improve our community. If you have a suggestion, please reply to this topic and let us know. It doesn’t matter how silly your remark may seem, if you think something can be improved, let’s discuss it.


One thing I recommend is making it so everything is not visable to the general public. The listings should only be viewable to registered users. I understand the concept that it is done to try and get people interested but I know for myself and most likely some other people it makes me nervous to post anything for sale. I personally do not want anyone to be able to come and see everything. Example someone from a social media could come and see anything for sale and honestly based on some screenshots and such any employee at the media network could potentially track down the account. Just my opinion but to me it shows a lack of privacy.


I agree and there are plans to go fully private, but only once the site gets popular enough to where people “will know” about it. If we go private now, it will be just us, no one else. So for now I guess we have to wait. However, we have something in the works that will ease the “hey pm me” replies.

And I don’t agree that people working on social media would track down on anything via stats, there would be too much work involved. Tracking down the way you described takes manpower, I seriously doubt anyone would devote to that. But hey, I could be wrong.

Thank you for your opinion, the bottom line is, we WILL go private, but, in the future.


Well, as long as the person does not post anything about any of the actual post on the page then it can be very hard. However, I just tested my theory and any page that post a picture of the general reach of facebook post, all I have to do is take 3 titles of their post and put it into facebook search and I am able to identify the page based on those post and the size that they say that the page is. So that is part of what scares me because honestly it is not very hard to identify some of the pages.


While what you’re saying is true, this might only affect a few random individual pages. Im not a betting man, but if I had to bet, I am 100% sure no one would EVER audit the entire site and remove every listing on this website. That won’t happen, and if it does, I will shut the site down.

It would take an immense amount of resources and time to go after so many listings, that is why creating even the smallest roadblocks (like we currently do) is keeping these properties safe. We have to draw a line somewhere, right? I mean, if you’re ready to sell, you WILL eventually have to fork up the data. There is just no way to fully secure these transactions, period. But, you can make it inconvenient to go after everyone, and we’re currently doing that.


Your call man. Not trying to debate about the fact that it is not that complicated to identify the pages. It does not take anywhere near as much resources as you may think. Just letting you know what I see as a potential growth issue for your business and trying to help you move forward. Providing the data is not an issue, the issue is that ANYONE coming to the site can view everything rather they are a member or not. What is the point of leaving it all public when you can not sign up unless invited… that is plain and simple just asking for trouble.

As you state yes not all could be identified however, I can promise you ANY facebook employee that may stumble across this website can identify any facebook or IG property all on their own, without a massive amount of resource. I have seen them go after pages for this before and you have as well.

Anyways, I cant convince you to see the flaw in this methond nor will I continue to try but I know I am not the only one who feels this way. You need to lock this down like you did with VA.

P.S. Thank you for opening a suggestion box, even if you have to take the comments with a grain of salt, that is part of running a successful business and culture. Thank you, have a great day.


Ahhh yes, sorry I misunderstood you. Yes, that is a problem but I really want to keep the site open to the public at least for a few months till we’re actually on the radar. Due to a lack of time, I didn’t really even begun promoting it yet, and only now my staff and I are getting ready to get it noticed by the web. SWAPD will go 100% private, for sure, there is no debating it. But, for now, it stays open due to being new and what not.

I would also love to hear some suggestions on how to promote this damn thing. I’ve reached out to marketing forums with money in hands, but NO respectable marketing forum will allow another forum to purchase ads on their site. I got denied a few times already :confused:


Waiting on more suggestions :slight_smile:


Is there a feedback system so once a sale goes through you get a “Positive” marker on your profile?

Perhaps have more options involved - as they do on Flippa - where you can upload analytics, stats etc without taking screenshots and having to edit them all the time?


Is there a feedback system so once a sale goes through you get a “Positive” marker on your profile?

Yes, it’s currently being used.

Perhaps have more options involved - as they do on Flippa - where you can upload analytics, stats etc without taking screenshots and having to edit them all the time?

How would you upload screenshots of your Instagram stats (for example) without actually taking screenshots? That would probably be possible via Instagram API, but due to the nature of this business Instagram would quickly disable our API keys and all the development money invested in creating such platform would simply be wasted.


Perhaps I simply havent seen it as an option, but a Bump feature would be useful, in case your post hasnt initially picked enough traction, rather than commenting ‘bump’ or ‘still for sale’, the user may be able to press a button?

Also, as this is a closed forum of ‘trusted members’, would it be a good idea for each member to provide identification to an admin in order to verify their profile?

Other than that! The site is great, as well as the simplicity of it! Thankyou so much for your hard work!


We will have to discuss the pros and cons of having a built in bump button, thanks for the suggestion.

We do request identification for certain transactions, if they are large or appear to have some level of risk. We may look into streamlining this process to keep things safer and weed out members with bad intentions.

Thanks for the feedback we take every suggestion seriously!