OG Username - VERY BRANDABLE (Fashion niche, Comedy niche, Medical Niche)

Property type: Instagram
Why is it unique?: OG username , 1 word, VERY BRANDABLE, VERY INTERCHANGEABLE!!
Price: 500-1k OBO

Description: I have a 1 worded OG username consisting of 8 letters that is SUPER BRANDABLE for the fashion niche (women’s or men’s) & can even be used for medical niche or comedy niche

Asking $500-1k OBO for the name


Pm me for handle

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Current Offer is 300$ from a company! I rather sell it here so looking for offers currently above 300, ideally 500$

Anyone have an offer over 300$? PM me

What is the username? PM me

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Hey what names do you have?

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PM’d you

have 1, pming you

Pm please


PM’d you

Please ONLY inquire if you are interested in a name that will fit for Fashion Niche, Comedy niche, or medical niche.

The Username I have will only be valuable to people in these niches! Especially Fashion / Comedy or FAIL video Niche


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