Page owner changed


I wonder if anyone could offer some
Advise, i bought a page (before I found swapd) and ive had it over a year. The other day i looked and the old owner is now the business page owner and i have no idea how?

Does anyone know how he will have added himself?


that means you are screwed

There used to be a few hidden admin tricks, but I thought they were patched. There are a few ways this could happen, but I am not going to share them so people don’t learn them. Like @chuckie said, no matter how they did it, you have a steep up-hill battle. Your only shot is contacting support.

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Yeh ive contacted facebook will have to see what they say. Weird as the old admin has not kicked me off yet :frowning:

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Maybe it was hacked, and Facebook recovered it for the original owner, and he doesn’t know yet it was returned.