Panama Bank Account | $1000 - Crypto Friendly

Hey everyone!

I’ll be offering a Crypto Friendly Bank Account in Panama. Banking in Panama has a high level of confidentiality and privacy for account holders. Spreading your wealth across multiple jurisdictions around the world for a great protection of funds.

This Crypto Friendly Bank Account can be opened from abroad.

:moneybag: Pricing

  • $1000 exclusive SWAPD Fees. Payment in USDT (ERC-20 & TRC-20), USDC

:alarm_clock: Turnaround Time

  • 1 - 14 business days

:memo: Requirements Crypto Friendly Bank Account

  • A photo of your passport.
  • A selfie of your face.
  • A selfie of your face along with your passport.
  • A copy of utility bill (water, electricity, or telephone) containing your current address or document certifying it, whether owned, rented or residing with third parties.
  • A copy of document proof of personal income, as applicable:
    • Employment letter.
    • Rent contract(s).
    • Statement of investment portfolio.
    • Dividend Declaration.
    • Income Tax Return.
    • Certi­fication of income issued by a Certi­fied Public Accountant.
  • Provide your Cold Wallet public address or the Deposit Address of the Exchange you used.

:question: How To Get Started?

Please send me a message