Phone verification problems


I am a new member, and I am not receiving the phone verification PIN during registration. What can I do?


There are three possible reasons why you aren’t receiving our verification PIN.

Reason #1: VOIP Phone numbers

We do not condone/allow virtual numbers. Please use your mobile device to sign up.

Reason #2: Your phone number is blacklisted with our provider

SWAPD uses for all our phone verifications. If at any time you’ve opted to NOT receive text messages from them, you will no longer be able to receive text messages from them. Please remember that Twilio is a big company, and thousands of websites use them for their text notification systems. If you opted to STOP receiving messages on any single website/service using Twilio, you’re on their blacklist. The only way to reverse this is to email Twilio support.

Reason #3: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991

If your phone carrier respects the ‘do not call’ or ‘do not disturb list,’ to which you may have consented to, you will not be able to receive our verification messages. For more information, please visit this page:

SWAPD support will not be able to help users who aren’t receiving our verification PINs. All questions regarding why your number is blocked have to be directed to support. If all else fails, we suggest using an alternate phone number.