Planned upgrades tomorrow (Sunday)

Just an FYI to all our fabulous members, we’re planning to make some subtle yet significant upgrades tomorrow. As you see, in the past few days some minor changes happened to our website. We’ve upgraded to the latest version of our software, which brought more speed, options, and a few cosmetic changes.

Tomorrow, we plan to upgrade the following things:

  1. We will no longer add the first response reply to each new listing. The message will now be automatic and send a user a PM with helpful tips on how to manage his/hers listing.
  2. Starting tomorrow, all new listings in the top three categories (Social Media / Buyers Requests / OG Handles) will have to be approved by staff. It doesn’t matter if you’re an old time member or a new user, all new topics (not replies) will have to be approved.
  3. We’re upgrading our listing composer. Users will now be forced to enter/answer certain questions before their listing can be submitted.
  4. We’re introducing a VIP section. VIPs will be a specific group of members who have the ability to view the URLs/handles inside listings without asking the seller via PM. Just how do you become a VIP? You have to show you can be trusted, and you do that by spending/selling an X amount of money on SWAPD. People who have had multiple transactions here have proven that they can be trusted, so there is no reason why they can’t see the URL’s/@handles right away. This will undoubtedly improve things for people who actively buy/sell social media accounts.

That sums up the upgrades, for now. We’re just letting you know that tomorrow might be a day with errors/bugs (as always with upgrades), this is why we’re doing this on a Sunday, as Sundays are usually the slowest day for SWAPD.

Thank you guys!


Great News Happy to see the upgrades :smiley:


Love all these new changes! Definitely a great addition

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Awesome news, excellent work guys!

This sounds amazing. Thank you!

You know how I promised the updates today? I LIED!
Ekhmm, well, not really. As with any upgrades/updates, things are bound to go wrong. So far, we’ve completed two out of three tasks. The VIP group is live (but we didn’t set up members for it yet), and discobot (our friendly staff robot) PM’s you now on new topic. However, we’re having mobile issues with our new composer, so things may get delayed.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

:grin: still happy

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