Please revert your Instagram accounts to personal before transfers. New SWAPD transfer policies

Starting today, we will now require that sellers revert their accounts to personal before transfers unless otherwise specified in the ticket terms.

This is a simple change but it saves a lot of time for buyers, as many times sellers do not listen to our instructions and they don’t unlink their properties. So, from now on, if you’re ready for the transfer, please turn your Instagram accounts into personal accounts.

Please do not revert your accounts until the transfer, that way you still have access to stats which buyers always ask for.

Thank you.


Btw. Changing a business page to personal profile results in bad way…

Coz when the buyer Makes it again as Business Page (Most Probably), posts will Show less in explore and affects discovery rate in insights…!!

Got a source on that? Selling IGs with business accounts causes all kinds of trouble from the transfer stand point. From pullbacks to unable to unlink due to silly FB Ad bugs. Safety over temporary drop in reach (if what you’re saying is true) is more worth it, in my opinion.

its my own experience… Pages that have excellent amount of explore rate reduces to 2 - 4% if it is changed business to persoanl to busiess within short span of time…

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Well, in theory, ALL Instagram accounts should be unlinked from business anyway. It’s just a matter of safety. It’s a double edge sword. Like I’ve said in our previous post, if the buyer doesn’t want to do that, we’re OK, but only if the buyer takes the responsibility if anything bad happens.