Policy on buying/selling on behalf of another person

We are implementing (more like reinforcing) a policy on users attempting to buy or sell properties on behalf of another individual.

Our community has open registration, so any individual wishing to buy/sell has the opportunity to join our community and conduct business while abiding by our simple rules.

It is prohibited for any user to post a property or buy a property on behalf of another user. The nature of our business is providing a middleman service to provide security to both parties. At the end of the day it’s 3 parties involved in a transaction (Buyer, Seller, and Swapd staff). Throwing in additional parties in dilutes our systems and creates opportunities for scams, slow transactions, and overall confusion.

With this policy in mind we will be implementing a new process to our system: ownership verification. We are developing this process to make it as stress-free as possible. Upon creating any listing we may request proof of ownership of the account, at our staff’s discretion.

I hope you all understand and appreciate our decision to further protect the great members of Swapd!