Post the instagram username you would like below and we can get it for you!

Hi Guys,

Creating this thread again so its clearer!

We have contacts that can get any inactive name on Instagram and have a track record of doing this.

We are now offering this service to all SWAPD users

The price of the service is $3k to $8k depending on the rarity of the name. Some names, especially rare ones have high re-sale values to companies, brands and well known places etc

The process:

  1. Post below (make sure you have a budget matching the above pricing)

  2. Once you have posted PM too - if you don’t PM me I might not see the name you want

  3. If I think we can get the name, I will get it for you BEFORE receiving any payment. Once again the name needs to be inactive - so nothing too difficult like @a or @10

  4. Happy to use SWAPD middleman (a site admin or respected member) once the name is received to transfer it so you know the service is safe and legit

We also own some of the rarest names on IG -if you have a budget of $5k minimum PM me too

I dont do business with scammers so dont bother messaging me

The time it takes to get a name varies - usually 5 to 7 working days max - sometimes longer- sometimes quicker.

If we dont get the name you have nothing to lose as no payment is exchanged upfront.

Any questions let me know



Why not just nab a bunch of OG names using your service and then resell them if you’re not looking for any payment upfront?

we have plenty of names right now and many rare ones too : )

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Inactive as no posts at all, or for ex, last post a year ago?

It can have posts - just nothing in the last year or 2 basically

yes thats correct


@pranav I need this

I am interested for this service for inactive username purchase

pm me then!

feel feel to pm me then!



feel free to DM me - we are happy to get the name before payment is received if you are a reliable buyer on swapd!

Shouldn’t this be locked as well @Swapd because it is an unverified service and I doubt it has a 100% success rate.

So far the seller is one out of one (completed successfully), so 100% success rate.

Thanks! - also happy to get the name BEFORE payment is received if the buyer is known / reliable on swapd

Pm me!

I’ve reopened this topic for you and will delete the other one, as this one shows that you’ve actually were able to deliver. Thank you!

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