Powerful Twitter account: 96k followers, 496 likes/day (I also have a HUGE account if this one is too small)



Amount of followers: 96k
Country of followers (majority): US 34%
Audience: 74% female
Topic/Niche: Inspirational
Promotion methods used?: Organic and my other large account RTd

Description: Small, but powerful, Twitter account in the inspirational niche.

*Fire sale, very motivated seller $700 or best offer
P.S. I also own several large accounts that could be for sale if the right offer comes along.


can you please send me the URL


you should not share this publicly @garzuaga


ooops, sorry
thanks! i deleted it


Please message me the url and all your other accounts you’re potentially selling please :grin:


url and price please.


URL please




Very interested. Please send link.