Powerful Twitter account: 96k followers, 496 likes/day (This account too small for you? Ask for the HUGE one)



Amount of followers: 96k
Country of followers (majority): US 34%
Audience: 74% female
Topic/Niche: Inspirational
Promotion methods used?: Organic and my other large account RTd

Description: Small, but powerful, Twitter account in the inspirational niche.

*Fire sale, very motivated seller $700 or best offer
P.S. I also own several large accounts that could be for sale if the right offer comes along.


can you please send me the URL


you should not share this publicly @garzuaga


ooops, sorry
thanks! i deleted it


Please message me the url and all your other accounts you’re potentially selling please :grin:


url and price please.


URL please




Very interested. Please send link.




Interested, but mostly about the huge one. please send link to both. Thank you


Please send the link to this and the huge account. Could be ready to close this quickly


Pls send link. Very interested.


link please. Thank you




sent, got it?


what price works best for you?


Hey, can you please share me link and price plan.


got it?