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Media Plug

Back with our highly demanded PR package, with additional improvements and extra features, we are now offering you up to 15 sites, all sites are Google News Approved sites and Index in the News tab .

Note : This does not Guarantee you verification but helps in the process to make the application lengthy.

All articles are self-provided, and we do not provide services to write them for you. Guidelines are currently non-existent, and we trust our clients to maintain professionalism and uphold editorial values. If required, we also provide support after publishing for 3 days where small revisions can be made to an article.

With a ultra-fast completion time of less than 10 Hours, we are leading the market with our services.

Note : Services can only be completed in time if all the data is provided at the start to avoid further delays.


Single article: $25

Silver: 5 sites = $23 X 5 = $115

Gold: 10 sites = $20 x 10 = $200

Platinum: 15 sites = $15 x 15 = $225

We are the providers to our services, and we have been the Media Plug to many resellers since a long time now we are extending our services on this platform. The prices listed above do not include SWAPD fees.

Note : We are currently not offering verification. Only PR


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