Press for Instagram and Facebook Verification/PR direction w/Lindsay Lohan

Hey there guys my name is Nick Stracener and I am a DJ. I am working on trying to find good Press that I can use for verification purposes on IG and FB. Please let me know what websites and publications you could get me on with high DA. I have some press articles already so I don’t think I’d need a ton but probably at least 2-5 real good ones.

Obviously my income as a DJ has been drastically cut due to my gigs being cancelled so I am hoping that me getting verified could bring more traffic to my IG and FB pages and I’ll get some influencer deals.

Lindsay Lohan recently just made me a video and sent it to one of my friends who then sent it to me about how she likes one of my remixes of her new single so I was thinking we could go in that direction with the PR. Just an idea.

Thanks in advance,
Nick Stracener

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