Problem while changing phone number in TikTok

Why this happened while I’m changing the phone number in the TikTok to my new phone number
Can anyone help me?
thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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enter your new number and verify it with the code and it should be linked afterwards

When I type my new number and press send code, I get this error @aeolian

Thank you for your replay.

ohhhh, i remember i got similar issue before, i logged out of the account and logged in and then tried, it worked for me, maybe try that

Yes i will try that my friend!
Thank you for your replay, hope it can help :pray:t2:

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Like me, I have that problem but for now I can’t find a solution

you’re welcome i hope it works out for you

We will try to find solution :pray:t2: @charliecrdz

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Thank you buddy :pray:t2: @aeolian

Anyone can help?

try again and again ( Different numbers ) ( not more than 5 times )


Will try that buddy, thank you for your help! :pray:t2:

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you’re welcome!

it worked

No for now :disappointed:

:frowning: I’ll try right now with an account that won’t let me, I’ll let you know in a while how it went.

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Swapd admins told me to keep trying more new numbers, try that buddy and let me know what happens.

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Did you find a solution buddy?
I found that it’s a global error, It’s not a coincidence that it happened to us in the same time.:anguished:

still no solution: /