Problems with BTC payments. We apologize for the delays [Fixed already]

In the past four days, we have sent out over 7000 USD in BTC payments to our sellers. The problem? None of the transactions are confirming. This is a first ever for us and it caused a loss of trust for the currency. Did anyone ever experience this? We use

The payments are shown to the receiving end, but can’t get a single confirmation. We apologize for this mess, but it’s a first for us and we don’t know what to do. And input would be greatly appreciated.

Increase in transactions means a higher fee required to complete the same transaction in the same amount of time. Either have to wait a few days for it to confirm or increase fee to priority in Blockchain (for future transactions).

An increase in transactions usually occurs when Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies go up in price, which is happening at the moment.

If there is a middleman involved like in this case, the only issue with an unconfirmed transaction is that it will take longer for payment to clear to the receiver. In other cases, double spending is a risk (although hard to execute).

I paid 76 cents on a 10 USD test payment, didn’t get a single confirmation for three days. How much do I need to increase the fee? -_-

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Is that priority? The easiest way is to let Blockchain determine the fee.

Yes. It was priority.

Sorry it was two days ago. Regardless, I have payments waiting four days now, nothing is going on with them. Not a single confirmation.

Must’ve been during peak time or just low fees paid, give it some time. If anything it’ll be refunded to your wallet.

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Hah. As soon as I posted this topic, we’ve FINALLY received one confirmation on our payments made four days ago.

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@Hussey - That’s the power of SWAPD. As soon as the BTC community saw us complain, they became afraid and fixed the issue.

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BTC would drop like a rock if they didn’t fix this for us.

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