Profile Disabled and Business Manager Connected to page. HELP

I hope you all are good.

Well, long story short. My facebook personal profile got disabled yesterday and the problem is that my pages are connected to the same business manager of that account. Now when i try to login to business manager it says account disabled. Whereas i can access the pages, post on them and do the stuff etc from another admin profile but can’t change some stuff like the IA monetization and other which are done via business manager. Also i have some credits in the ad account.

Neither can i transfer ownership to another business manager account as i need access to the disabled one to approve it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to either transfer all the assets to another business manager, or gain access atleast to the business manager which is disabled.?

It’s so frustrating to be honest and the facebook support is like talking to a wall.

What is the reason for disable…

Let me guess, did you have any political pages? Because I’ve heard that there is a another purge going on since 10 days ago which mostly targets political pages. Sometimes, instead of deleting them they remove the profiles running them.

As far as your problem, I don’t know (or ever heard of) anyone switching/replacing a business owner on any page. I honestly don’t think it’s possible unless you have a Facebook insider.

Hi Team.

Na bro. I never get into the political stuff and our pages are totally motivational and community based. None of them touches the political side. Beside that all the pages are up and running correctly from other admin accounts. The issue is that ad breaks and other stuff is connected to the business manager and that can’t be accessed as there was only one admin to that business manager.

There were some guys on SWAPD who used to provide such insider services, any idea about them ?

Yes but the insider no llonger provides these services.

Can you connect me with him in the PM or somehow help in reviewing the case ?

No, as I never had direct contact. User @toms may help but I doubt it as other tried and he did confirm his contact no is no longer active.