Providing 100k Premium Likes in 15 Days on Facebook Fan pages



Service type: Providing Premium Likes on Facebook Pages 80% USA.
Price: 1.5k$ per 100k Audience.

Description: I am providing PREMIUM likes on fan pages. The time required is 10 to 15 days. with a lot of hacking and claiming of pages, I am providing this unique service where you will be the admin and I will only need the access being an editor on your page so i can post,
When Target is completed you can remove me Page without any future mess you get from buying from market which can be claimed anytime.
Currently, I am providing Likes on HUMOR/ADULT HUMOR NICHE pages.

Kindly Pm me if you need more Details.


What exactly do you mean by “hacking and claiming”.


When people sale their pages, they can recover it by the email Facebook send when someone leave the page adminship.


Sorry I misunderstood your post.


That’s like a pro :+1:


You are not the only one


If you’ll ever have likes for the niche aliens - ufo - conspiracy - hidden history , please let me know, I’m interested.