PSA for Instagram sellers. Make sure you know the original email, otherwise, you risk losing your account

We have warned about this a few weeks ago, but we will go over it again. Instagram made some changes a few weeks back which made transferring ownership quite difficult and risky. We’re talking about the final step of securing the accounts, which is getting rid of the disavow link option. Now, in around 50% of transfers, when you click the disavow link, the account will lock up and ask for an email pin verification. That sounds routine, but it’s far from it, as 9 out of 10 times, Instagram will ask for a pin from the VERY ORIGINAL EMAIL THE ACCOUNT WAS SET UP FROM.

We don’t think this is a bug, we believe this is a deliberate move by Instagram to limit account transfers and hit the resellers where it hurts. You can still transfer the account without locking up if you decide to leave the disavow link untouched. Eventually, it expires. However, in the time it takes for it to expire, the seller could regain the account back.

To recap: If you’re buying an Instagram account you better make sure you are buying it from the original owner, or at least from someone who knows the original owner. Sellers, if you’re selling an Instagram account you have bought from someone, there is a good chance you may lose it during a transaction.

That is all. If anyone has any viable workaround for this, we would love to hear about it.


It would be great to get more details on this and also know how long the expiration is for the link.

If the swap team holds the account for sometime until the link expires and then transfer the account so seller can’t gain access back ?
It going to take time but the account holder pulling back the account will haver minor chances to pull back

I’ve seen links go live as long as 2 weeks, but never longer than that (I may be wrong on this though)

The problem with that is it’s hard to tell when the link expires, because you need to press it to see, and once it’s clicked, it initiates the block.

We will need to figure out something, otherwise, only original owners will be able to sell safely.

We have tested this extensively today. Instagram now reverts to the very original email used at sign up. Unless we find a viable workaround, it’s no longer safe to be a reseller. Buyers also run into risks, as we are not able to fully secure the accounts.

Good news! We found an easy and crude way of securing accounts without OG emails!


Do tell!

Yes please do tell…

It’s simple. We just need the full control over the sellers’ inbox for the duration of the transaction, even if he is not selling the email with the account. We grant the email back once the transaction is over. It’s crude yet simple!


We don’t want to get into exact details, by the way. The less scammers know, the better.


Yes a very good way :grin:

so if i am selling an Instagram account but i dont have access to the very original email (but i have access to the current one) can i still sell safely without any risks ?

Well, nothing 100% secure. But yes, it’s a lot safer now.

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good news

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Update: Just want to add that we no longer have a 100% way of securing accounts without the original email. In fact, we advise clients not to purchase such accounts now.

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Hi Team @Swapd just saw this, thank you for clearing up.


Bumping this thread for those who have not yet seen it and thinking of buying IG accounts.

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