PSA: We will start suspending members for posting in the wrong categories

Fair warning to all our regular, long-time members. Posting in categories that are seen on the front page just so your topic get exposure will get you banned, if the category you’re posting in isn’t on topic with your listing. We’re seeing this more and more recently. Long-time members who know our rules/categories very well try to be sneaky and post in categories not necessarily related to their topic. This adds an additional burden on staff, and we will not tolerate it any longer.

New members obviously get a pass. But, if you’re a VIP member with 20 months of membership behind your belt we will take action against your account if you blatantly ignore our category rules.

That is all, thank you for reading. I apologize for this mini-rant but some members take it too far. If a category is forbidden from the front page, there is a reason behind it. Posting in the wrong category just so you get some quick exposure will no longer be tolerated, no matter how long you’ve been a member.


Will members get banned for a specific time of period or permanently?

Only for a specific time, up to the year 3019.


More than 3 Bump = Banned for 7 days + limitations!
Posting wrong category 3 times = Banned for 30 days

etc …

My opinion!

Also, you should add an option where sellers can pay to promote their sales page on top of the front page (sticky) etc …

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Hell active Rant :joy::laughing:

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Anyone caught selling hacked accounts will have them taken from them and then forced to have a 10 minute video call with @Yair as punishment.

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That’s just too cold man.

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What if yair is the one who hacked it

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What if I’m not interested?

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even worse then for the hacker…


Put him in a room on his own and wait for him to plead for forgiveness for his sons