Public service announcement! Take care of your properties


Just wanted to let everyone know that one of our members lost his/hers entire network of Fanpages (7 pages). While rare, this happens from time to time, and I am telling everyone this to remind you what type of business you’re getting yourselves into. First, social media can be very rewarding, but that the same time, it can stab you in the back, as no one truly owns these properties, except for the social media platforms themselves. At any given time, and for any reason (even if unfair/unspecified), these things may get taken away from you. It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, Vine, YouTube, IG, etc. I am sure seasoned veterans know this already, but if you’re new to this business, please keep our motto in mind, and that is:

“If you don’t have money to burn, don’t get into this business.”

Now don’t go sounding off the alarms, I do not think that Facebook is doing one of their sweeps again, but it would be wise to spread your Facebook fanpages across a few accounts to keep things safe. Too many times I see people stash their entire network under one account (usually a fake one), only to get the account roadblocked and they never see their pages again.

After digging around and checking our unfortunate members history, it seems that he/she stashed all his/hers accounts under one roof, and all of the sellers who sold him pages are still up and running, including other pages they have sold to other members. So this seems like a case of bad luck, which is quite unfortunate. Let his loss serve a reminder to everyone to NOT be lazy and spread your properties across multiple accounts/connections. If you’re using multiple accounts (for example) from the same connection, or via some overused VPN, then you’re just asking for trouble.

Stay safe!