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Hello All…

Hope everyone is starting the new year with a good start!

I just noticed that the APP in IOS Store has 0 Stars rated… no bueno when we are trying to acquire more users for the platform (legit users that is!)

Please take some time and Rate 5 STARS the app.

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Good idea. Done

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I don’t think it’s necessary as they said the app will probably shut down

this would be bad

Yes, the chance of that happening is good. Not cost effective anymore since we’ve lost our developer. Everyone else want’s an arm and a leg, even though our app is a glorified browser that displays our mobile version on your device (our site is SUPER mobile friendly). The only downside for everyone is the loss of push notifications.

I think shutting down the app would be very bad as a lot of users need an app. Especially when you consider the percentage of mobile users these days compared to desktop users.

It´s important that this platform here continues to grow to get more properties for trading. And for active users and onboarding new people an app is very important. And the one you have is really great!

Ever thought to look for a freelancer? (I´m not but there are a lot out there :slight_smile: )

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I know. But honestly, open up your mobile browser and go to SWAPD.co and tell me if you see any differences. You won’t. It’s exactly the same. You can simply make a shortcut app icon for one button SWAPD launch and it would be the same, with the exception of push notifications. But, our site sends emails anyway (for notifications), so it’s not like you wouldn’t be notified.

We will do our best to keep it, but that will depend on the budget. You are suggesting that I somehow don’t want to keep it, but tell me, what would you do if your site made 200 USD per month (for example), and an app some users use cost 20,000 USD to create/upkeep?

Your answer will explain what situation we’re in. Good ROR devs charge 100-200 USD per hour (and Android/iOS even more), SWAPD doesn’t make that much to cover expensive features, despite what everyone thinks.

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@STANAE if the company does not have the money, the company does not have the money.

Pretty sad that it comes down to a financial thing over weighing in taking a project that is built off line.

From start it should have been pushed for reviews and shares of great service and awesome platform.

I think :thinking: if the 500 active members took 20 seconds to rate, review, share…SWAPD would look for a dev to continue building he app.

P.S. totally on everyone side either way

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My feedback was just a friendly comment. I have no idea of the financial background and also no idea on which stage the App is. For me it looked finished. So I was just thinking of some update from time to time that might be neccessary.

But I know VERY WELL how money consuming it is to set up companies. So total understanding from my end. Wishing just the best as I like this platform a lot. New here since 4 weeks but like it very much :slight_smile:


No, it’s buggy. And even if it was 100% finished, you still have to constantly update it to upkeep with Android/iOS updates, which happen frequently and are basically unstoppable.

Didn´t know that it´s buggy

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Not too many, but they’re there.

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nothing is always working perfect. And when it comes to Apps that need to get approved by someone like Apple … well :frowning:

Tell us about it! It took 2-3 months to get approved into the AppStore. Google Play was almost instant acceptance! I am not even sure if Google checks the code? Which is probably why Androids run like ■■■■ when you start installing lesser known apps. It was really amazing to see how strict Apple is, our dev really did an outstanding job from emails/changes/updates to constant phone calls. Say what you want about Apple, they do keep tabs on quality (even though the company makes very odd decisions sometimes).