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Instagram & FB Hacked Account Recovery, Password Reset + 2FA BYPASS Service


As a longstanding SWAPD partner, I bring years of expertise and a reputation as one of the most trusted and thoroughly vetted service providers in the industry. I specialize in delivering secure and effective solutions for recovering Instagram and Facebook accounts. I’m excited to offer you dependable support, ensuring we work together to restore your peace of mind. Let’s get your account back! :blush:


Account URL
Current and past email/phone numbers.
Date of Hack
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F.A.Q. :speech_balloon:

What kind of accounts do you recover?

Any! From personal to business. We have no limits.

What proof is needed to prove a hack?

Please provide suspicious account activity, unrecognized account changes, emails or notifications about unauthorized access. Photo ID and written consent help us verify you’re the victim and verify the incident an overall aid recovery.

If I don’t have any evidence of the hack, what then?

To ensure user safety and service integrity, we only help with confirmed hacks. This rigorous screening ensures that each claim is real and that we are helping real victims. In order to keep our service trustworthy, we need solid proof before we’ll consider claims of hacking.

How long does recovery usually take?

Account recovery time depends on case complexity and how many requests we’re handling. Recovery typically takes from 72 hours to a week or more.

What is your account recovery success rate?

Over 90% of our account recovery cases are successful. These successful recoveries our a result of our expertise, internal relationships and procedures.

Is my data and personal information secure with you?

Yes. Your privacy and data security are our top priorities. Our reputation and credibility as a trusted service provider uphold the confidentiality of your information.

What if my account cannot be recovered?

We try to recover all accounts, but some may be unrecoverable for reasons beyond our control. We provide detailed instructions for securing your personal data and reducing future risks. Having said that, we consistently handle the most difficult cases, and our record of success speaks for itself.

How much does your recovery service cost?

How urgently you require assistance and the complexity of your case determine the cost. We provide transparent pricing and are available 24/7 for a free consultation.

Is my account recovery guaranteed?

We will use our best efforts and extensive experience to maximize recovery chances. We also offer a guaranteed or full refund commitment. Our team will keep you informed along the way.

How to prevent future hacks?

We offer personalized security recommendations after account recovery.


Timeframe :rocket:

24hrs - 72hrs

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Getting these done fast!


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