Recovering Disabled Instagram Accounts

Service type: Recovering disabled Instagram Accounts
Price: 100 to 200$

Description: Hi You all, I Can Recover Disabled Instagram pages Except that are taken down for Copyright Strike & Account that is taken down for selling fake followers. Last week I recovered 5 pages using this method including mine. Business/public/private anything it may be, all u need to have is the email id Associated with the IG (Not og) with the username & an Official Mobile number ( Better if it is P.V Number ).

The process mostly lasts for 4 days but I’m quoting here for 7 Days.
Note: 90% Sucess rate as of now (offsite).


How about an account that was disabled during the glitch? My account just disappeared

When was it ?

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Last year

That was too damn before… is that ur personal id ?


come ib pls…

What if you don’t know the email on the page? Can you still get it back? I got disabled for having an account on Instagress that mass followed unfollowed too fast. Got disabled almost 2 years ago.

Why do you need a phone number? Does it have to be linked to the Instagram account? And could you clarify what you mean by P.V?

PV means phone verified… It not must that the mobile number should be attached to that account… but if it is attached then it’s a plus too…

Ä°f u can recover and ig whitch is disabled for copyright pm me

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Check ib.

could you get back a hacked account ?

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Yes … Come ib

Email id listed in that handle is kind ah must…U don’t need to hold og

I don’t have email listed on account just the og

How do you figure out the email that was on the page?

Actually u can’t… If it’s disabled u cannot find through instagram app, but u need to go through all ur mail IDs by using search option with the account’s username…

do you need a phone number too or is JUST the email fine?

Pls have depth conversation in ib.