Recovery Hacked Instagram account


Starting today, I provide recovery services for hacked Instagram accounts, profiles and Facebook pages. :star_struck:

I now have a strong method of communication with the Meta security department, so I can return any account - personal, business or public figure account. :man_dancing:

I have not offered this service before on this site, but from today I can recover any account hacked by a hacker if the customer provides me with accurate account information.

Recovery time is usually 1-2 days :rocket:
The probability of success is 100% if the client provides reliable account information!

I need the following information:

The date you noticed you had lost access.

Email address or phone number specified during registration

Last email or phone number provided

What type of device do you typically use to access your account (i.e. device and operating system)?

Price: from $2000 :moneybag:


good luck with sales

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thanks bro :star2:

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my client became the master. good luck with sales.


Thank you very much :handshake:

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My client has 15k blog pages, we have the information from the past, what is the price?

please PM