Remove All Fake & Negative AVVO Reviews | 80-90% Success Rate | EXCLUSIVE Service for All Lawyers/Law Firms!


Is your law firm’s credibility being harmed by negative or fake reviews? Your online reputation as a lawyer or law firm is paramount; negative feedback on platforms like AVVO can damage your online image and deter potential clients. With my expertise and proven strategies, I can effectively remove most harmful reviews, ensuring that your online presence accurately reflects the professionalism and quality of your legal services. Allow me to help you in boosting your profile, restoring your brand’s credibility, and attracting more clients to your firm.

:moneybag: Pricing & Payment Options:

  • $350 per review + fees.

Note: All SWAPD fees must be covered with every transaction and must be paid via USDT T/ERC20 or Bank Wire. Pricing is firm and not open for negotiation. This also includes purchasing in bulk. Our pricing is a white-label rate, making it more accommodating and easier for clients to resell our service.

IMPORTANT: AVVO offers a one-time chance for review removal. If your review has been worked on before, I cannot help, as this will lead to an automatic rejection. Please confirm this isn’t the case before contacting me and placing an order. Removals typically take up to 30 days, with an 80-90% success rate. Pre-payment will be required for most users, but this will be waived depending on your rank.

Simply send me the URL(s) to the review(s) you need taken down, and I’ll handle the rest! :gem: :rocket:

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