Reputation Check


Hey guys I am thinking about buying a verified IG account from someone named Subhan Dar.

He says he is well known in this buy/trade business however claims he doesn’t have any profiles on any similar forums.

There are a lot of red flags about him, however he is willing to take payment via PayPal (goods and service not F&F).

What do you guys think? Has anybody ever heard of anything about this guy? Is it possible to get scammed when using PayPal?


Pretty easy to get scammed using PayPal. A lot of scammers take the money, move it, and then shut down their account. I wouldn’t deal with him unless hes willing to use a trusted middleman on a forum. You could invite him on here to be totally safe.


Thanks for the feedback, told him I’d like to use a MM here. Any idea who could help? Also since it’s a verified account, he said he could guarantee that he can walk me through how to change the username. Any idea if that’s something that can be done?

He did prove that he has access to the account by changing the bio and DMing me back


We verify everything during checkout. Just have him sign up here and start a checkout ticket. We will take it from there.


but is there anyway beforehand to determine whether or not well be able to change the username? because if not, i dont have much use for it


From what I know of, no, as when you change username the verified tick automatically goes away. We wouldn’t let him just say he’d “guarantee” that he’d be able to walk you through how to change the username.

If anything, he’d have to change the username for you first prior to selling it, but he might question whether you might back out or not after he changes it.