Revcontent with balance 550$ exchange with page

I have revcontent account with domain approved with 550$ balance on it need 1k$ for payment and i want to exchange with premium page

Suggest if anyone have

imam od 25K page USA premium mi e bildan s2s ili ako sakas daj mi cena za akauntot

What is the average RPM and does the domain approved come with the sale?

Rpm is based on niche and is very good i have taboola but rev is better than taboola 3rpm with side and bottom placed ad 2

Hi. Is this account still available? If so, when does revcontent pay and how would I receive the balance of $550?

Buddy i have this account you need to earn to 1 k to take your money out i sell this account because i dont have traffic to make 1 k fb delete my all pages

Alright, I am looking into buying an account elsewhere as well. When does revcontent usually pay out?

At end of the month 30

Alright thanks for letting me know

I also have taboola account for sale

How much are you looking to get for each acct? I don’t know how the market values these accts.

I will give u the rev for 500$
Taboola 300

how much you make on revconvent in a month? a balance of all earnings?

Buddy i dont have receoved money from revcontent
This is first time i need to make 1 k to receive forst time

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