Say hello to the current top tycoons of SWAPD! In this digest, we present you with our top verification masters!

As always, the verification checkmarks are one of the most sought-after digital stamps that everyone wants to get a hold of. It’s an instant ego and credibility boost in today’s social media world. But we all know getting verified isn’t easy. Right? Wrong! Today’s digest will present you with our current power sellers who can deliver verifications at the speed of light! So without further ado, here are our most notable mentions (in no particular order).

@Killua - The Twitter verification master!

Although @Killua dabbles in other platforms, his forte is Twitter verification services. In recent weeks, this power seller delivered countless Twitter-related services, that mainly include Twitter verifications. We don’t know how he does it, but he delivers, and his work sticks! He is professional, fast, and doesn’t beat around the bush. Feel free to visit his sales topic:

@gioeste - A rebellious verification guru!

To put things into perspective, @gioeste (on many occasions) was able to verify his buyers within five minutes. Is it magic? Who knows. What we do know is that this member can deliver faster than your local pizza delivery man. So feel free to give him a try!

@Worldstar? More like Instastar! The Instagram verification consigliere!

If you fall under one of the following categories:

  • business
  • entrepreneur
  • public figure
  • musician

Then @Worldstar is your Instagram verification go-to guy. In most cases, he is able to deliver under 24 hours, many times much sooner. Why wait months when you could be verified today? If you’re interested and you believe you qualify, check out his sales topic.

@Hermes - He is quiet and picky but has the resources to pull through!

Last but not least, @Hermes is the guy to go to if you’re a public figure looking to get verified. He cemented himself as one of the top verification tycoons with super high success rates. Make sure to check out his sales topic via the link below.

Everyone listed in this digest provides a range of other services not necessarily related to verifications. For example, @Hermes is exceptionally successful with Instagram claims and unbans! To conclude this article, we would like to end it with a poll. If you have done business with any of these fine gentlemen, cast your vote below.

Who is your favorite seller?
  • Killua
  • Gioeste
  • Worldstar
  • Hermes

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