Secure Your Spot in the Top 50 Daily/Weekly Dominican Republic Playlist and Charts for Your Song

Unlock the path to musical success in the Dominican Republic! Boost your song’s visibility and recognition by securing a coveted spot in the Top 50 Daily/Weekly Playlist and Charts. Become a chart-topper and let your music pulse through the heart of the Dominican Republic. Don’t miss this chance to shine in the limelight!

“Experience a full 8 days in the spotlight as your song takes center stage in both the daily and weekly playlists expertly curated by Spotify for the Dominican Republic. Make a lasting impact that echoes throughout the entire week and beyond!”

Your song’s position in the Top 50 Dominican Republic playlist can fluctuate based on its popularity, engagement, and competition. While aiming for the top 10 or even the number one spot is ideal, your song’s placement can range from 1 to 50. The key is to engage your audience, promote your music, and strive for the best position possible.

Price: $1350
Turnaround time: 8-12 days


price will be negotiable?

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