Sell 60k VERY ACTIVE Facebook Page

Property type: Facebook Page
Amount of fans/followers: 60.000
Country of followers (majority): USA, United Kingdom, South Africa
Topic/Niche: Animals
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?: NO
Price: FIX $2000, Please text me if you are serious customer.

Description: Extremly active page, ENGLISH language ! Active for pics, videos as well as links. Some other 10 times bigger page can not work as well as this one. Making around $500 a month by Google Ads. Want to get it sold because I can’t take care of it anymore as I don’t have time for it because of my massive hungarian pages. PM if interested for insights or anything you need. Want to sell it quickly! PAYMENT: WIRE

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Welcome on SWAPD bro :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thx Bro! :slight_smile: Also thank you for your offer…it seems a cool and serious website.

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Please send info. Thx

I 've sent info.

Please send me the URL. Thank you!

Send url with stats sc.

and appealing to @Swapd make a rule for 100k+ pages to attach screenshots of posts or better yet exported insights of last months.

We can make that rule, the problem is enforcing. 80% of the people don’t follow our current rules, it’s depressing, really.

@Swapd I think we have some people here who is trying to steal the page of my friend where I invited him here to do deals. Please make something to make those scammers go away brother.

Are they a member here? Scammers are everywhere if I had a way to dump them all, I would. If you prove that this is one of our members, I will ban him.

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I’m asking currently him so then will provide more info.

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:smiley: That is what I do too :slight_smile:
OK, good, keep us updated.

Url please

Highly interested. Please send URL

Here is the guy…

Looks like a fake account. Can you get his email?

can u send me all info to pm

send me the url and information I am very interested

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