Sell My ACTIVE Twitter Account 110.000 Followers



Amount of followers: 110K
Country of followers (majority): europan
Topic/Niche: famous artists
Promotion methods used? %100 (Organic)
Chech audit:

Detail Analyze:


all tweets deleted, %100 clean. Waiting for the best offer for sale.

Payment Methods: BTC

Thank you all…


You pretty much ruined the value of your property by doing that.


And credit cards aren’t accepted here directly.


We also need to see what countries your followers are from. Until you upload that screenshot, I have to unlist your property.

unlisted #5


I think I added what you want


Please remove the URL of the account from your description. It’s not allowed.




ok removed.

listed #10


What was the previous @handle of the account?


I do not know. It’s really hard to work with you: do you want to review my profile on other sites?

Playerup / Epicnpc ?


You don’t know the previous handle? It was changed very recently. This looks very sketchy, that’s why we’re giving you the red-tape treatment.


you can delete, I can’t waste more time with you. constantly annoying new requests…


it’s really hard to work with you, good bye


@Yair1238 this is one of your quality invites I’ve been talking about. You’re 10/10 so far :smiley:

closed #17