Sell taboola ad&publisher accounts

Account type: publisher, adversting acounts(ready-to-work)
Price: 200-500$+ various

Here is an example of an adversting account with a balance:

This is an example adversting account with the option to add your payment card:

And publisher account:

Offer your prices, we can discuss any question you are interested in.

Can you explain the benefit of this when I can sign up and get one for free?

Is this Facebook? Sorry not knowledgeable

Registration is closed, you need to communicate with the support and check the budget. The advantage is that you get an account with an approved campaign, and you can create your own without involving the service support in it.

No, this is

How much for publisher acc?

You made only $1,200 with 17m page views?

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Interested in advertiser account. Please PM.

I want taboola account approved on my website
how much you charge