Selling -1 Million+ Subscriber YouTube Channel (Verified) *HIGH CPMS*



Anyone want to break down shares for this asset ?


hi, could you pm details and price please


Sent you a message. PM me the details and price you want please


inbox me price thank you


interested. have the Play buttons been claimed for this channel? amazing job on building that up. Send me the info and current offer. Thanks


Im concerned why sell a channel if you’ve made 365,000 on it. Seems like it would be better to keep and keep milking. I am for sure concerned though.


Send handle in PM and my offer is there too


send link please


Hey, I’m interested. Could you please send me the URL?


Hello, I am highly interested, please PM me the link.


Please send link and price!


I would also like to see the link to the channel and know your price


What’s your current highest offer?

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