[SELLING] 152k+ 68k+ & 59k+ YouTube Music Channels (24k+ USD Revenue Lifetime) EXTREMELY PREMIUM



Amount of subscribers: 280,000+ (Total)
Country of subscribers (majority): United States
Topic/Niche: Rap Music (Lyric videos)
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

Description: The demographics on all three of these channels are through the roof. All of their subscribers are essentially from the USA, so these channels are made up of entirely (or almost entirely) tier 1 audiences, which creates insane potential. None of the channels have claimed custom URLs, so if you’d like you can rebrand. Unfortunately, none of these channels are monetized. Channel #1 is eligible to reapply on April 20th, while channels #2 and #3 are eligible to apply for monetization at this very moment.

NOTE: Price is NOT FINAL. Feel free to make offers! (BTC OFFERS ONLY)

PM me for the channel URLs! Screenshots of analytics for all 3 channels attached below.

Channel #1

Channel #2

Channel #3


Monetization enabled for all of those? Send me link and price you are looking for for each one. Thanks


please pm me handle and price offer for 59k subscribers


PMed both of you. @falbakri @hung102


Please send me a price you are looking for with each channel. Thank you.




Bump. Open to any offers.


Please Pm me the handles! :+1:




Current offer: 7,000 USD (2 offers of 7k USD each)




I don’t have BTC, can I still bid? Also, are you willing to sell one channel or just in bulk?


I’m only willing to accept BTC payments for them, so unless you’re willing to buy BTC, then no, sorry.

I’d prefer to sell the channels in bulk, so unless a really good offer comes in for just one channel, then I’m only selling as a bundle.


Ok, can you please the links?




Send me handle & price to channel 1, please




Hey, could you send me the link?




Hi, Alpha, so you’re only selling these in a bundle?